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How I became an administrator of HYIP monitor

Hi everybody! Today I will tell you how I decided to become an admin of HYIP lister. It's a long story, so I'll cut it a bit and I will not go into much details.

OK. It all started when I was 14-15 years old. Even in those days, I decided that the usual work in the office is not for me. I wanted to achieve something more in life, more than the average person! Already at the age of 14 I tried my first summer job - I worked part time as a loader in the storage. It was hard work, and it gave the first impetus to the search for independence in my life. Even then, I drew attention to the Internet as an unlimited source of potential income! I began to search. I tried to work with buxes (CAP systems), needless to say that there can be earned except for ice cream :) Then I turned my attention to forex trading, lol. I have registered with a broker using the father's passport :) Throwing $ 20 on this website, I was not able to deal with the trade and a platform for the trading rules (because I was 15 haha). Then I turned my attention to online poker! This was an important step in my life. There I made a small success, I was able to occasionally win big tournaments and bring profits from online poker rooms. The sums were not large, but in those days it was quite large sums of money for me. It should be noted that Gamble began at the age of 16 years, but some progress has appeared in 18-19 years. I played mostly in PokerStars. Then I moved to the 888poker (the best poker room in my opinion). Separately, we note that for some time I was fond of sports betting (unsuccessfully) and binary options (studied strategy, tried to trade, eventually realized that it was not mine). The money I got in poker, I invested in the PAMM-account professional traders There I was able to make some profit, but it was very slow and risky. Immediately after I take my profit - my manager trader dropped his trading account to $0 ... Then I invested in a HYIP for the first time .. (It was a premium HYIP - Forex MMCIS, many will remember :)) With this I invested in another pyramid - MMM. (By the way, where I almost did not lose anything). In MMCIS I lost $ 500. Then there was a period of stagnation - I did not do anything, only occasionally playing poker, but even then began to decline in poker (players is getting stronger, an advantage over their smaller, poker rooms are less loyal to hobby players and pro players ), so I decided to quit poker and started thinking how do I make good money in another way.
Our time: a little studied language HTML and CSS, quite a bit of PHP. Some time invested in HYIPs. I understand that it is really interesting to me. And here I am.
That's how I became the administrator of my HYIP Monitoring!
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About very large refback on HYIP monitors.

Hi, dear investors and just visitors. It is a small note about VERY high RCB offers from some dishonest HYIP monitors.

This applies RCB from 1000%, 3000% and even 5000% (sic!) RCB offers. Once I saw 10000% RCB offer!!! It is really funny. Nobody will give you so high RCB. It`s just math: if referral comission of HYIP is 10% and you deosit is 100$ - HYIP monitor have $10 Refferal comission to return to you. It`s never give you $500 :))

It is not necessary to work with HYIP monitors which offer you RCB higher than 500%. But the choice is always yours!

PRINCIPLES of investing in HYIPs. PART 2

Principle 5. Diversification of deposits (do not put all your eggs in one basket).
Do not invest all funds into one project - no matter how safe it may seem. Any investment project sooner or later cease to exist, and not all of them will be able to fulfill all its obligations to investors.

Principle 6. Foresight.
Preferably remove interest from deposits on a daily basis (if possible).

Principle 7. The correctness with respect to referrals.
Do not shy away from the guidance of the referrals at registration in a particular HYIP. The man that led you to the program, is eligible for a small fee. In this case the investor is absolutely nothing to lose and subsequently can count on the same correct attitude on the part of their own referrals.

Principle 8: Security.
Care must be taken to ensure that this access to their accounts and electronic purses do not become the property of unauthorized persons. Do not store this information on a computer connected to the Internet.


PRINCIPLES of investing in HYIPs. PART 1

PRINCIPLES of investing in HYIP-s.
1. The principle of independence and personal responsibility.
The decision on the contribution of a particular project each individual investor is to your own risk. The responsibility for the failure can not be passed on to anyone else.

2. The principle of reasonable risk.
Investing should be only those amounts which do not depend on wealth and health - the investor himself and his family.

3. The principle of caution.
It should be borne in mind that the most attractive offers come from the least reliable HYIPs.

Principle 4: Awareness.
The decision on the contribution should be taken after a thorough and comprehensive study of the HYIP-program - preferably on the basis of information obtained from independent sources. It is advisable to have your own database of investment projects and their owners.


Subscribe to news

Hello! In the near future on our site news subscription will be added. You can get all the information about the new HYIPs on your email, and be up to date! Thank you for being with us. Success in investing, monitorro`s team.


Brok-Investment returns deposits to all investors!

Brok-Investments currently stopped payments but return deposits to all investors! The program will start in about a month. Now you can change other program in our listings to invest
Best regards, monitorro team.

How to maximize your profit in HYIPs?

To insure a part of the deposit to HYIP, exists refback. Refback is a percent which is received by monitorings for attracting investors, and then return it to investors. In normal HYIP-programs the referral commission constitutes from 1 to 10%, i.e. in the amount of $100 the investor will receive from investment RCB on the amount from $1 to 10 AT ONCE!
Don't forget that at us you with guarantee receive 100% refback! You only need to press in HYIP  program  button "request 100% of refback".


How to earn in HYIPs?

How to earn in HYIPs?
There are several simple rules which will help to minimize risks and to increase your profit!
1) Availability of a licensed HYIP-script, GoldCoders, H-Script, Goldscript and other less well-known scripts enter here. If the project uses a unique self-written HYIP-script, then it is possible to tell with confidence that we deal with the serious HYIP-program.
2) Availability of a greenbar (it shows gravity of intentions of the administrator of the project)
3) Serious HYIP-monitorings are purchased. The more the better!
4) A large number of positive reviews with payment proofs at forums and in social networks.
5) Permanent job of the administrator with the HYIP-program!



Before ordering services strongly encourage you to read our terms - press ABOUT US button!

What is HYIP Monitor? What is it for?

What is HYIP Monitor? What is it for?
It is website, such as this, which make lists HYIPs ranking. Rating based on analysis of technical information and personal experience of monitoring administration. Monitoring provide technical information about HYIPs that helps investors determine the choice of HYIP investment. In addition, monitoring shows the current payment status of the investment project and the regularity of payments. HYIP monitoring has active deposit and receiving payments like ordinary investors, on this basis monitoring shows payment status. Monitoring accept complaints from investors about problems with HYIP and gives recommendations to investors with problematic situations. There is a voting function in the monitoring, where each investor can place an assessment HYIP and leave a comment, which will see the other users of monitoring.

Return on Investment (ROI)

ROI (return on investment) or ROR (rate of return.) - Financial ratio showing the level of profitability or unprofitability of the business, taking into account the amount made in this business investment. ROI is usually expressed as a percentage. ROI indicator is the ratio of the amount of profit or loss to the amount of investment. The value of income can be interest income, gains / losses on accounting, profit / loss on the management accounting and the net profit / loss. The value of the investment amounts may be assets, capital, the amount of principal business and other investments denominated in money. 
For example: 50% ROI means that your deposit returned on 50%. 1000% ROI means that your deposit multiplied 10 times!! You won.

SSL in HYIP Industry.

Usually all HYIPs have 3 types of SSL certificates:
1) Simple certificate.
2) Greenbar (SSL EV)
3) Absence of a certificate.
What is the SSL certificate? We will not go into details. Just note that the SSL certificate provides a secure connection between you and the server of HYIP program. Thus all your financial transactions are in safe hands and you do not have to worry about the safety of your data.
The absence of a certificate - URL address begins standard http. YOUR DATA IS NOT PROTECTED.
Simple and other SSL - the address begins with https.
EV SSL (greenbar) - in the URL line of a so-called greenbar - green part in URL-line with the data about the official of the company. These certificates give only officially registered companies. Also HYIPs with greenbars have more investor confidence.




What is HYIP?

HYIP - High Yield Investment Program - a program, company, fund or just organization whose aim is to attract private capital of Internet users, and then return that capital, but much larger (sometimes several times) . 99.9% of HYIPs based on Ponzi scheme - this programs just financial pyramids. 
Usually they have a beautiful legend about its activities. 
The most common - forex trading, cryptocurrency mining, extraction of precious metals, banking, micro-credit, and so on. HYIPs conventionally divided on profitability type: long, medium and fast.

Long term HYIPs are able to pay for several years. But this is the most low-income projects. They promised investors up to 16% of monthly income.
Medium-term HYIPs usually live 3-9 months. They promise to investors 16-60% profit per month.

Fast programs usually live up to 3 months and promises to depositors from 61% monthly income and higher. These projects are the most risky but potentially most profitable.

Referal comission. 
The majority of projects have a referral program for which the investor is paid a percentage of the additional investors attracted by it (referrals). In order to find out who gets invited each investor receives a promotional link in the HYIP program. Standard size of referral fees of 1-10%.
RCB (Refferal Comission Back). 
Almost all HYIP monitors offer their depositors RCB - they return a certain percentage of referral fees. By the way, my monitor offers our investors up to 250% RCB on deposits. Note that many unscrupulous HYIP monitors offer 500% RCB or more, but do not trust such monitors. Few will be able to pay such high percent to you!

Disclaimer: Please bear in mind that all HYIPs investments presuppose high risks. We do not promote or endorse any programs listed here. Some programs may be illegal depending on your country's laws. Past Performance of any of programs is no guarantee for the same or similar future performance. Paying status and others status is for this monitor not for your. We don't give practice, all investments decisions are yours. DON'T SPEND WHAT YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO LOSE!

To add listing automatically - use Perfect Money . To add HYIP / other programs manually - contact us ( "CONTACT US" button ) after the payment , we will add your HYIP ( or other program ) on the monitor. Add auto: Perfect Money. Add manually: other payment systems. We accept: Perfect Money, Payeer, QIWI, NixMoney, AdvancedCash. The rest can be considered on an individual basis.